Health Benefits of Meditation

Health benefits of meditation
Meditation has been around for centuries, dating back thousands of years to ancient times. Primitive societies practiced meditation while gazing into the flames of their fires, and Buddhists make meditation a daily practice in their search for peace and enlightenment.

Meditation is a sense of being – a state of awareness that brings the mind to a peaceful and calm state of consciousness. It is gaining popularity due to an abundance of research that shows that meditation can have a positive effect on your overall health and can help combat aging.

Chronic Stress and Aging

Chronic stress can cause premature aging of the body, internally and externally. Recently, research has shown that regular meditation can significantly reduce this stress, and thus improve the body’s ability to fight aging, as well as an improved ability to fight heart disease, diabetes and other onset of other diseases.

Regular meditation can positively impact your mind and body, and even rewire your brain and make you feel an overall sense of well-being, resilience and focus. It even promotes better mental and physical health. Because of these health indicators, there is a lot of present-day focus and dialogue on the healing and anti-aging benefits of meditation.

Today, meditation is a widely acceptable practice for people young and old, and in many cultures, societies, and religions. If you just need to de-stress, feel relaxed or even to simply experience the abundance of health benefits that come from the practice, meditation is for you. In fact, the awareness of breathing and the visualization of positivity is one of the most positive effects of meditation.

Health Benefits of Meditation

It has been found that meditation can significantly benefit the body in the following ways, all of which also have amazing anti-aging benefits:

  • Increases immune function and reduces inflammation
  • Lowers secretions of stress hormones
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Calms overactive brain waves
  • More efficient use of oxygen
  • Reduces chronic pain
  • Lowers stress hormones such as cortisol
  • Increases memory and brain function
  • Improves overall health and wellness in all areas of the body and mind

With all these benefits considered, it is no wonder that the practice has such an amazing ability to heal the body and help to prevent aging. By channelling and manifesting your thoughts and energies, you can benefit your body in so many ways.

Research on Meditation and Aging

In fact, research and science on the health benefits of meditation have started to notice the positive effects that meditation has on aging and health. Over the last decade, top neurological and brain research scientists have been in conversation with Buddhist leaders such as the Dali Lama to try to understand the techniques and benefits of meditation.

These conversations have turned into projects and studies about how meditation affects the brain, and the found results have been fascinating. For example, studies have shown that Buddhist monks show high brainwave activity in the area that is responsible for pleasure and happiness – the prefrontal cortex – during meditative states.

Even further, it has been found that regular and purposeful meditation, paired with visualization, has a real influence on repairing and rewiring the brain. This can help with happiness, depression, and even aging.

If you’re looking to start meditation, you are in luck – there are different methods to choose from, and there are many resources online and in literature to get you started. The main point is to find a methods that works best for you, and to commit to it so that meditation becomes a routine.

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