Metabolic Testing

Learn Your True Metabolic Rate

The MedGem device utilizes breakthrough technology that provides individuals, for the first time, easy access to their unique Metabolic Fingerprint ™, or resting metabolic rate. The technology is more precise than the commonly used estimation equations based on statistical averages of height, weight, gender and age. The estimates routinely used are only accurate for about 20% of the population, and can lead to frustrating and unsuccessful weight loss efforts.

When you know your Metabolic Fingerprint™, you can use this number to manage your weight and overall health and fitness. Balancing calories in and calories out is the key to weight management success. If you burn more calories than you eat, you will lose weight, and vice versa. Since a Metabolic Fingerprint™ measurement result represents the vast majority of the calories your body burns, that number can be used as the basis for determining your daily calorie intake.

How Often Should I Check my Metabolism?

You should have your Metabolic Fingerprint™ measured periodically when losing weight or when making changes to your fitness program, as metabolism will change over time. A change in metabolism is often the reason individuals hit frustrating “plateaus” during their weight loss program. A Metabolic Fingerprint™ measurement every 4 to 6 weeks is recommended so that adjustments to your weight management or fitness program can be made for continued success.