Skin Care for Aging Skin

Skin care for your agin skin

In Your 20s…

In your 20s, your skin is likely flawless and dewy. But don’t go skipping out on washing that makeup off or running to the beach to bake your face quite yet – the way you care for your skin now will determine its look for the remaining decades to come.

Women in their 20s usually have little to complain about regarding wrinkles, but they may suffer from acne. Thus, use an appropriate cleanser that targets oil and a light moisturizer day and night. Don’t forget the sunscreen and ensure that you properly cleanse all makeup off every night.

In Your 30s….

This is when you may begin to notice fine lines sprouting up around your mouth and on your forehead. There may also be signs of pigmentation, such as darker freckles or sun spots, from sun exposure. Cell turnover and collagen production are diminishing as you approach the mid to late 30s, so use a day and night cream that can assist the production of these skin cell building blocks.

Further, anything with vitamin C or collagen as the ingredient will help, as they are known to help with radiance and assist collagen and elastin production. You may also notice that your skin is duller than it used to be, but not to worry, as you can help the radiance by using a gentle exfoliator.

Finally, any cream with glycolic acid as an ingredient will be your new best friend, especially as a night cream. Glycolic acid chemically exfoliates (in a gentle form) those dead, dull skin cells on the skin’s surface. You’ll notice less fine lines and a more radiant complexion. Do a test patch first to ensure that your skin tolerates glycolic acid, as some people are sensitive to it.

In Your 40s…

This is when the lifestyle and sun damage really shows up on your skin. You may see red blotches, brown spots, and dullness, along with deeper wrinkles and some sagging around the eyes and jaw. Your skin may not retain as much moisture, and you might even see rosacea. Don’t fret though! There are still products that can brighten and tone your skin.

First of all, if you’re noticing your skin is dryer than it used to be, use a creamy cleanser instead of a gel. Also, it’s very important to use a rich and anti-aging night cream, as night time is the time when your skin regenerates and heals. Third, it may be time to use a deep-penetrating serum that will act on those connective cells that keep skin tight and toned. Finally, don’t skip the sunscreen as it is still important at every age.

In Your 50s and more…

Menopause is likely happening to you in this age bracket, which can really wreak havoc on the skin. Menopause reduces the fat and structure of your skin and can have a negative effect on the oil in your skin, resulting in major dryness. Not only are wrinkles and fine lines your issue now, but sagging as well. Don’t forget the issues of sun damage, rosacea, and lack of radiance.

Thankfully, there are products that can help with all of these types of concerns. For example, at this time in your life, products that contain soy or Proxylane are known to mimic the fat that is present in youthful skin. It may help to plump up your skin and rejuvenate some of that youthful volume that you once had.

Even better, there are products out there that contain hyaluronic acid, which acts as a filler for loose skin. Be sure to cleanse with a creamy cleanser, and tone your skin with an alcohol-free toner that will allow your serum and moisturizer to penetrate deeply. And, as always, keep up with that sunscreen!

Skin Care Regimes at Any Age

At any age, there are many skincare options out there. The tricky part is to find out what work best for your skin. Medical aesthetics specialists can recommend not only an excellent regime for you at any age, but also aesthetic medicine treatments, such as laser and microdermabrasion, that can help assist. Contact us today to discuss your skin care needs!


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