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What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent form of makeup for your eyebrows. If you have patchy eyebrows, thin brows, over plucked brows, then microblading might be for you. It is a bit like eyebrow tattooing, but nowhere near as painful.  This type of “tattoo” will last up to 18 months – 2 years, not the rest of your life. The pigments used have an iron oxide base, allowing the color to softly fade over time. Most permanent tattoo inks won’t do this. While this procedure is relatively new to the United States, it has been popular in Asia and Europe for decades.





How does it work?

A microblading pen is used to draw individual strokes on your eyebrows one by one. It is extremely meticulous and carefully done. The initial part is drawing the shape, and then the shape is filled in stroke by stroke. The pigment is implanted into the upper layer of the skin so as not to cause scarring and to allow it to have a fine, crisp, not blurry, look.


A numbing cream is applied before the procedure starts to eliminate any discomfort you might feel, however, it is for the most part, painless. Once your new eyebrows have been drawn on, you are ready! There is no downtime and your new eyebrows are ready to go. We recommend a follow-up appointment 30 days after your initial appointment for a post-healing touch-up.


Unlike brow pencils and gels, microblading is low maintenance. You can rub them, swim with them, shower with them; no special care is needed. Every day you wake up with perfect eyebrows. Just a once a year touch up and these brows will last years. Another positive is that because they are semi-permanent, it allows the color and shape to be adapted over time as your skin ages and changes.


If you are tired of cosmetically painting in your eyebrows every day, call us to learn more about microblading – it could make a huge difference in your daily routine.

  • Before and after Microblading

Before and After Result

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