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Roseanne Mazzella, R.N. at CWC Med Spa

Roseanne Mazzella


Roseanne has been a registered nurse for over 27 years. She earned her RN degree while attending college in her hometown of Canada. Roseanne believes in focusing on the whole person when caring for her patients. Roseanne is passionate about health and nutrition. She loves coaching her patients through their fitness and weight loss journey.


Vendela Kerner

Medical Assistant

Vendela started with CWC in 2023. Vendela earned her bachelor’s in human biology from Michigan State University. She currently works for Corewell Health in the emergency department unit. She plans to attend A.T. Still University where she will earn her Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies in 2024. She has been helping patients by assisting through their weight loss journeys and cosmetic injecting. Vendela has a strong passion for holistic medicine and plans to continue to pursue her interest in this field post-graduation.

Vendela has also worked as a researcher, medical scribe, and an advocate for mental health. It was at this point that she started to understand the connection between mental and physical health and having a positive self-image. Vendela works with her patients as a medical assistant, guiding them through their treatment options and ensuring a safe, healthy outcome. Vendela loves providing people a renewed sense of self-worth and confidence in their own skin. In her free time, she enjoys visiting her relatives abroad, going on medical mission trips, and traveling the world.


Briana Catenacci

Office Manager
Licensed Esthetician

Briana started with CWC in 2022. She is a licensed esthetician. She started providing her clientele with services in 2022. She is able to provide each customer a program that guarantees the highest caliber of skin care because of her extensive understanding of medical-grade products. She is proud of her result-driven facials. Briana wants each client to feel confident in their own skin, revitalized, and at ease.

In addition, Briana takes immense pride in her role as CWC's office manager. She is most likely the person you interact with via messaging and who greets you at the front desk to ensure that your visit is everything it should be. We are so proud to have Briana on our team!

Natalie (1)

Natalie Arndt

Licensed Esthetician

Natalie joined CWC in 2024, bringing her expertise as a licensed esthetician. She attended Elevate Salon Institute. Since then, she has been offering her clients top-notch services, leveraging her deep knowledge of medical-grade products. With a focus on result-driven facials, Natalie strives to ensure every customer feels empowered, rejuvenated, and comfortable in their own skin.

You likely interact with Natalie over the phone or at the front desk. Her radiating personality and knowledge make her special to our CWC family.


Raylynn Quasarano

Medical Assistant

Raylynn joined CWC in 2021. She is currently a nursing student at the University of Miami. Raylynn aspires to be just like her mom, Tracy Quasarano. She has been involved with the weight loss side of CWC and wants to create a comfortable environment for each patient. She is here to help each patient reach their goals.

Raylynn serves as a medical assistant, assisting her patients in navigating treatment choices and ensuring their well-being. She finds joy in fostering a renewed sense of self-esteem and self-assurance in her clients.



Therapy Dog

Coco has been part of the CWC team from day one. With a genuine affection for every patient, she eagerly awaits them at the entrance, ready to greet them as they arrive. Embracing her love for the outdoors, Coco often extends her warm welcome to patients right at their car doors. She looks forward to your visit and the chance for a friendly pet.